General Information and FAQ’s:

If you have an appointment scheduled and you are feeling ill or experiencing flu-like symptoms, or your cycle arrives and you have a Brazilian scheduled, please notify your provider ASAP and we can re-book your time when you are feeling better or when your cycle is finished.

Before or on your first visit, you will be asked to complete some paperwork. A Client Health History form, an appointment cancellation policy acknowledgement, and a consent waiver to provide permission for me to perform the service(s) you wish to receive. If you are requesting a facial service, you will also need to complete the Client Consultation Form. Once we get that out of the way, future visits may only require the service consent form if you are receiving a service you have not previously provided consent for, and an addendum to update client health history to note any changes, if any.

My goal is to provide you with the best service and best results possible. For me to work towards that goal, it is helpful for you to provide me with as much information about your skin, lifestyle, and health as you can offer on the client intake forms. Your skin is constantly working, and it may have changed from one visit to the next based on what is going on in your life. Knowing this information helps me determine if there are any external or internal things happening that might make your skin more sensitive, reactive, or even become injured due to these circumstances. The information helps us work towards your best skin.

If possible, please complete the client intake forms that are available online at least 48 hours prior to your appointment. They are located in the "Forms" section. This is greatly appreciated and allows us to review your information before you arrive; it also maximizes your appointment time.


Your privacy and comfort are important. Your information is kept secure and not shared with anyone. The treatment room is designed to be a safe and comfortable environment where integrity, trust, dignity, and respect are always present.


You will receive a text or email requesting you to confirm your appointment prior to the scheduled time. You will also receive a second courtesy reminder message about the upcoming appointment. This system is put in place to reduce last minute cancellations and no-shows.  To best serve all clients, please be advised of the following policies:

YOU MUST CONFIRM YOUR APPOINTMENT. EVERYONE'S TIME IS VALUABLE. We are counting on you to be there for the service you booked, just as you are counting on us to be there to perform the service for you. Confirming your appointment is our way of knowing that you are committed to the time that has been set aside for you. Not confirming your appointment by the 24 hour mark before the appointment start time means we have the right to cancel your un-confirmed appointment and re-book that time to accommodate another client. Let us know you'll be there, and we will be ready for you!

The booking system locks out 48 hours before your appointment, but you can still make any needed appointment changes or reschedule with no penalty up to 24 hours before your scheduled appointment time by contacting your provider directly.

If you provide more than a 24 hour notice, there is no fee for cancelling an appointment. Simply TEXT Melissa at 206.715.6303 to remove it from the booking system.

A confirmed appointment with less than a 24-hour notice cancellation is considered last-minute and you may be charged a service fee if we are unable to fill the spot. If you are "stuck in a meeting" or "something came up" that takes priority over the appointment that you made, you must be willing to take the risk of paying for the service if we are unable to fill the time that was set aside for you. Everyone's time is valuable. Exceptions include circumstances involving COVID or flu-related symptoms, a contagious illness, a family emergency, or female clients whose cycle begins when a Brazilian is scheduled and the client does not want to receive a modified service wearing disposable panties.

Late Arrivals: If you will be more than 15 minutes late to your appointment, it may need to be rescheduled if there will not be enough time to complete your service upon your arrival. Please call or text Melissa directly at 206.715.6303 - do not send an email if you are running late - call or text only.

No Shows: If it is 15 minutes past an appointment start time and the client has not made any attempt to call or text Melissa directly, it will be considered a no-show and the client will be responsible for paying the full amount of their scheduled treatment. Again, everyone's time is important. Square will apply the no-show protection charge to the card used to reserve the appointment, or the client will be sent an electronic invoice for payment. If the appointment time can be filled, the no-show client will be notified and will not be charged for their missed service.​ Clients are welcome to reschedule once the no-show fee is paid.


Clients are not permitted to bring a guest into the treatment room's studio setting if the appointment requires the client to disrobe for the service. Exceptions are made only for a parent or guardian accompanying a child/minor receiving a service, or a medical attendant assisting the client.


For safety reasons, babies and children are not permitted in the treatment room unless the child is receiving a service. This means kids and babies are not allowed to wait in the studio for their parent to receive a service. No exceptions. A Parental Consent form must be signed by a parent or guardian on the first visit. Parents with children under the age of 16 must always be present in the treatment room during the service. Parents or guardians of children ages 16+ who are dropped off, or teens who can drive themselves to appointments, must have a previously signed Parental Consent form indicating permission for the minor to receive services without their presence in the treatment room. This is for the safety of the minor and the provider.

If you would like to request a hardcopy of the policies, they are available upon request. Thank you.


  • Some services require making adjustments to your skincare routine as many as 4-5 days BEFORE receiving your treatment. 

  • Many services have pre-treatment requirements. Reviewing the pre/post information will inform you how to prepare for and maximize the treatment outcome Additionally, it may help reduce any potential contraindications or issues.
  • Clients will receive a hardcopy of post-care instructions on the day of the service. These instructions can also be found on the "pre/post" section of the website. 

  • If you have received Botox or Filler on your face or neck recently, you must wait 14 days to receive a facial or advanced skin service. The products need to settle. Please be mindful when you are considering your treatment schedule. 

Facials and Advanced Treatment FAQ’s:

  • Review the pre-treatment instructions in the "pre/post" tab for the service you are requesting, there may be products you need to avoid before your appointment.
  • If you recently received Botox or Filler you must wait 14 days to have a facial or advanced skin service; the products need time to settle. 
  • Extractions are provided upon request.. No extractions with most Advanced Services, Express, and Mini Facials.
  • For clients who may have a medical condition that presents a contraindication to the service protocol (such as not being able to receive a facial massage), an alternate option with equal service time may be offered as a substitute. Cool towels may be substituted for steam or hot towels for any service.
  • For those with sensitive skin, compromised skin barriers, or concerns regarding products, a patch test can be performed. Please schedule a 15 minute complimentary Consult + Patch test and we can determine which products will best suit your skin type.
  • Additional advanced services such as superficial and medium-depth chemical peels, microneedling, microcurrent with LED (facial muscle toning), and radio frequency with LED (skin tightening), are customized treatments that will produce the best results in a series of sessions. Simply schedule a 15 minute complimentary Consult and we can discuss your goals and determine which modalities will be the most effective for your skin type.

Brow Tinting +  Brow Stain FAQ

  • Brow Tinting and Brow Stain services, are not recommended for clients using retinoids or Accutane.
  • If you are unsure whether you may experience an adverse reaction to the tinting hair dye or henna-tint hybrid dye products used to perform brow services, please feel free to schedule a 15 min Consult + Patch Test and a patch test can be performed.
  • For brow tint and hybrid brow stain, try to keep them dry for at least 24 hours by avoiding contact with water in the treated area and sweat-inducing activities such as working out or using a sauna. To preserve the color, avoid using make up remover on the brows and oily products. To maintain the henna stain on the underlying area of the brows for as long as possible, avoid exfoliating the brow area.
  • If you are happy with the results and shape of your brow service, it's recommended to maintain it by booking when the lines are still visible, which is usually around 3-4 weeks, depending on post care habits and the amount of UV rays you take in which can make them fade faster.
  • If you have an upcoming event and want your brow color to be “just right”, it is recommended to book your brow tint or stain service a few days before. Immediately following a tint or stain service, your brows will look darker than you expected. This is temporary and the intensity will fade as you shower and wash your face.
  • You will receive a post-care instruction sheet for your brow tint or stain service if it is the first time it will be performed on you

Hair Removal FAQ 

Below are the Oly Skin & Wax descriptive guidelines used to differentiate the Bikini Service and the Brazilian Service so you know which one to book:

  • The Bikini service removes hair in the bikini zone which is at the edge of the panty line, the top of the waistband, and a few inches extending outside of the panty line to ensure there are no wardrobe malfunctions. The Bikini service does NOT include extended areas that are inside the bikini area or any intimate areas, further than 3 inches from the panty line, the backside, or the buns. If you were to wear a basic swimsuit (like one from Costco), this would be a good service for you.
  • Hair removal requests inside the standard panty lines, no matter how modest they may be, must be booked as a Brazilian service. Brazilian service also includes a few inches outside the panty line, any trail to the belly button, the buns/backside, and anything else inside the panty line that you request. This Brazilian hair removal service can be as conservative, or as racy as you would like. In other words, if you are looking for any kind of "extended" bikini service, you'll need to book a Brazilian service and you can keep or remove whatever you want.

Can I wear my own underwear during my Bikini or Brazilian service? I'm not sure I want to be THAT naked...

Well, if you'd like a full Brazilian service (everything off or nearly everything off), the results will be more thorough sans undergarments. However, if you are on the modest side or you don't plan to remove all your bikini hair, we have disposable panties available for use. If you prefer to bring your own clean pair panties to change into for the service, we recommend a thong for a customized or full Brazilian, a high cut panty or your swimsuit bottoms for an extended bikini, or a standard bikini panty if that's your style. The sugar paste washes out with warm water and will not stain your clothing.  We want your experience to be positive, so you choose what makes you feel most comfortable.

Should I trim the hair inside my panty line area before my Bikini or Brazilian service?

Yes, especially if you would like your hair removal service performed past/inside the standard panty line area. It is appreciated if you would please reduce the bikini hair in the area you would like to be removed to the length of 1/4 inch - which is about the length of a grain of rice or the size of a pencil eraser. It can become uncomfortable with the sugaring application when the hair is too long. There is also a "pre-service trim" option located in the "Bikini/Brazilian Service Add-on" section of the booking site if you prefer to add that onto your appointment. If you are physically unable to prepare for your service, please mention so in the booking notes so we may plan the extra time to make accommodations. Please note: Returning clients who are on a regular sugaring schedule should not need to shave between appointments.

I’m pregnant, can I still get sugared?

Yes, as long as your doctor says you can lay on your back for about 45 minutes and you are OK knowing you might feel a heightened level of sensitivity. If you are more than 7 months pregnant, we ask for you to contact your doctor prior to booking your service to double check. Also please mention in the booking notes how far along you are so we can block out some extra time if needed.

Do I need to trim the hair on other areas of my body before a sugaring or waxing service?

No. You do not need to reduce the hair length for any facial, leg, arm, or underarm services. Trimming only applies to Bikini and Brazilian services. Larger areas are less sensitive, but keep in mind, the longer the hair, the more the product will pull, that's why it is important to try to maintain a regular hair removal service schedule. It is also recommend to refrain from shaving for at least two weeks prior to your appointment.

Can I still get a full Brazilian if I am having my cycle on the day of my appointment?

NO. BUT WE CAN DO A MODIFIED SERVICE THAT IS "ALMOST" A BRAZILIAN.  If you are on your period the day your Brazilian is booked, please reach out ASAP to reschedule your appointment with no penalty. We will NOT perform a full-on Brazilian if you are on your period. No exceptions. If you CANNOT reschedule (ex: you are leaving for a trip), you may keep the scheduled appointment, knowing you will receive a modified "almost" Brazilian service with a disposable thong provided to you to wear during the service. Yes, e know some other places will still do Brazilians if you are on your period, but we won't.

If you are scheduled for a standard bikini service and are on your cycle, you CAN keep your appointment. It's not an issue because the bikini service does not extend past the standard panty line into intimate areas, so you're fine and it's no problem.

Can I get a hair removal service if I am using retinol products?

Yes. However, we will only use sugar on you. Waxing is not recommended if you are using retinols or taking any prescription acne medications. In addition, if you use Retinol/Retinoid/Retin-A, for other skincare purposes, you may be a good candidate for sugaring, but it is recommended to refrain from application for at least 4 days prior to your sugaring service to avoid any possible complications. Retinol causes our skin to be in a constant state of exfoliation by removing the outer layer of skin cells. Since waxing already does this on its own, mixing the two can cause complications such as burning, irritation, and lifting of the skin. Sugaring only removes dead skin cells, so there is less concern of potentially compromising an additional layer of skin to achieve smooth results.

Why is recommended that I come back in 4 weeks even if I don't feel hairy enough?

In the beginning, scheduling appointments 3-4 weeks apart is recommended because the goal is to remove the hair in the active anagen growth cycle - that's when you can reap the benefits and effects that leads to more hair loss permanency and far less discomfort. If you don't plan on keeping up with your service, it isn't the end of the world it just means it'll be more similar to the effects of waxing. If you decide to keep up with it, eventually you will notice sparser and slower grow-back. Plus the sugaring process becomes a lot less uncomfortable, the appointments take less time, and you will be able to go longer between your visits! I have clients who recurring maintenance schedule that is 5-6 weeks apart (yes, you can still get the maintenance price when we determine you are ready to bump out your scheduling timeframe), so patience and consistency are key, just stick with it!

What else do I need to know?

  • Waxing and sugaring results are best when they are maintained with regular 3-4 week visits. Your hair grows in cycles and this helps to remove the hair that was growing underneath the skin at your last appointment, and make your next appointment much more comfortable. Over time with sugaring, your growth will slow and your appointments can be stretched out longer between visits.  That's because the hair is in the active anagen growth cycle and we can reap the effects that leads to more permanency and far less discomfort. The hair is removed from the root at this stage and it does not have a source of nourishment. Waiting longer than the recommended timeframe will still provide successful hair removal, just not the longer-term benefits.
  • Hair should have at least 2-3 weeks growth or 1/4 inch which is about the size of a grain of rice or pencil eraser
  • If this is your first hair removal service with us, you will receive a post-treatment sheet with information that will help ensure you maximize the benefits of your treatment. It also answers some other commonly asked post-treatment questions.
  • Try to minimize your caffeine intake prior to your service, and do not drink alcohol, these two things can actually intensify any discomfort you may feel during your service. 
  • You may take ibuprofen or Tylenol beforehand. This is also a good idea to consider if it is your first time getting this service. Don't worry, we will do everything we can to make the service as comfortable as possible - you got this!! 
  • If you have questions or are unsure whether you may experience an adverse reaction to the products or service itself, please feel free to reach out with a message or schedule a complimentary 15 min Consult and a patch test can be performed.

What's the hype about sugaring? 

  • Sugar is applied at body temperature and will not burn the skin.
  • Unlike wax products, sugar will not stain or ruin clothing.
  • Sugaring is 100% sanitary and does not breed bacteria.
  • It is great for those who have sensitive skin or tend to experience irritation from wax, such as redness, bumps, ingrown hairs, or pigmentation issues.
  • Sugaring is an earth-friendly, all-natural, water soluble, food-grade and a completely biodegradable product. When it is applied in the traditional method, it does not require the use of single-use items such as application sticks, or paper and fabric strips, making it an effective and sustainable choice for hair removal. We use nitrile gloves for services which are biodegradable (we were told it takes 7 years in a landfill for that to happen).

Why is sugaring more expensive than waxing?

  • Sugaring requires additional training and advanced certifications because it is a hair removal technique that is completely different than waxing. This method takes time to master. It also requires more PPE/Glove changes and more support products than waxing.
  • Sugaring is a LOT more physically demanding for the esthetician because the sugar is applied manually. There are at least three passes in an area with one of the hands, the skin is braced with the other hand, then the product is removed with a flick of the wrist. This process is repeated multiple times until the desired effect is achieved.
  • Sugaring services take more appointment time to complete compared to waxing. However, the results are worth it because it slows down the hair growth rate by removing the follicle in the direction that it grows which also helps reduce ingrown hairs. The hair also grows back softer and sparser. With regular visits and after some time, clients love that they are able to schedule a longer time between their appointments which is a money saving move in the long run if you stick with it.
  • The sugar paste formulas are all made in small batches using fair-trade organic sugar and organic lemons making it a purely natural product. The supporting pre-cleanse and post-treatment products used contain organic and all-natural ingredients with no synthetic ingredients, no chemicals, and no artificial fragrances. Your skin's health is important to us and we want to help you take care of it; that is why we have selected finest eco-luxury products we could find.

Have more questions? get in touch